Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cover Up

Just like we give the Dinosaurs their catastrophic meteor, I think the cockroaches who will be overpopulating the planet a million years from now will point to inadequate sunscreen as the cause of our demise. They will uncover remains of a glorious picnic spread that some humans had enjoyed at Colt State Park on Memorial Day 2008. Although they will definitely find nothing that would constitute litter, they will piece together the imprint of several adult humans and their bicycles in the fossilized grass, a stray tortilla that flew from my nose when Chris Bull made me laugh, a drop of sunscreen their science would determine to be spf 15, and then somehow they would find this picture and connect the obvious dots: humans evolved far enough to develop a delicious snack chip, had good times, then burned their flesh off in the direct sunlight.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

One More Reason

As y'all must know by now, tomorrow is Bike to Work Day just about everywhere in the Free World, and as if you needed another reason to leave the car in the driveway and pedal into the old 9 to 5, here it is: You might win a bike. That's right, your friends at RIPTA and the Hub are teaming up to throw down. One Jamis Commuter 1.0 with fenders and a rack valued at $375 (Sorry ladies, Peter not included) will be raffled off between 3 and 6pm for all those participating in the BTWD festivities at the B of A Skating rink across from City Hall. There are speakers scheduled during the morning session from 7-10; and live music as well as commuter workshops planned for the afternoon. Check out the schedule of events here.

J2K Bags have arrived!

The Hub is proud to be the first outlet for J2K bags! Led by local entrepreneurs Hayden Prouty and Josh Bonnenburg, J2K has raised the messenger bag bar with their thoughtful design and color choices. Josh and Hayden were recently awarded with a $1000 grant from Entrepreneur 360 which is a local organization to get young businesses going.
All bags are made to order at their West End studio. Come by the Hub to check them out and order one for yourself.

Monday, May 12, 2008

product of the month!

What you are looking at in the above image is the hottest new gadget to his the streets.
It's a steerer tube extender.
for doing bar spins.
on a 700c bike.
yes, bar spins.
Get 'em while they are hot right here.
and while you're shopping, don't forget to pick up the necessary conversion plates to make that old fixie you found in gramama's attic into a road worthy 10 speed, with brakes.
We'll I'm off to go install a spoiler on my civic.
wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's Happening?

There are some great events coming up as well opportunities to support local friends who are doing good things for your neighborhood:

First, Sunday (May 11) is the Spring Bike Swap at AS220. Whether you're buying or selling, the swap is a great place to run into all those bike geeks you see out around the city. This one is indoors noon - 5. Show up early to get the best spot to sell that box of Bio-pace chainrings.

Friday (May 16) is Bike to Work Day here in the Capitol city. This event coincides with the national Bike to Work Week. Now more than ever, having a bicycle in your personal transportation aresenal is essential living the New American Dream. Whether you're making a statement or an actual lifestyle change, come out to support a more bicycle-friendly Providence.

Thursday - Saturday (May 15 - 18) is a fundraiser at the Steel Yard. Stop by and drop some money in support of local arts and culture. Check out the action-packed schedule on hand including some sort of Iron-Chef-style sculpture competition on Saturday afternoon followed by a BBQ and late night dance party with local legends Micah-Jackson.

I'm a believer, that in this day and age with food prices rising like a plume of smoke on the horizon, its time to start making friends with the local farmers. The best time to do this in Providence is Saturday and Sunday May 17 and 18 at the Southside Community Land Trust annual plant sale. The SSCLT farm has been around for 30 years at the corner of Dudley and West Clifford Streets providing space for local gardners and growing food for local families.