Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bike To Work Day

Bike to Work Day is Friday May 18. Come down to the park across the street from the Biltmore Downtown. There will be refreshments and a speaking schedule from 7-9ish. Check it out
To get into the spirit(s), come on down to the HUB thursday from 5-8pm. We are proud to be hosting the RI Environmental Society's Thirsty Third Thursday which is a monthly social gathering that meets at various locations around town. There will be refreshments and environmental types to talk bikes, biodiesel or beach erosion. See you there.

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boberry said...

One thing that makes commuter biking difficult is the amount of rain we get in Providence. It can be pretty miserable getting to work soaking wet.

The Chinese have been using bicycle rain capes for years to obvert this problem. They're awesome! IMHO The Hub should start carrying them. Here's a photo: