Friday, February 8, 2008


The weather station on my roof has been down for the past few days (I think a squirrel got tangled up in the windsock), so as I was leaving my house today I made an ill-informed decision on which bike to to grab. Once on the road, it didn't take long to realize that my fixed gear with just a rear freddy fender was a poor choice, but I was running late so I kept on keepin' on.

I know what you're thinking; and yes of course I saw the snow falling out the window. But how was I to know the road would be so wet? As it turned out, today was the perfect day for my winter road bike. With full wrap SKS fenders and mudflaps I would surely have arrived at the shop with dry feet. In my experience, there is nothing more damaging to an otherwise sunny disposition than standing around all day with two cold, wet dogs.

So let that be a lesson to the kids out there: stay in school, don't do drugs, and put some damn fenders on your bike before this "good" weather goes away.

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