Saturday, March 22, 2008

You talkin to me?

In case anyone needs to be reminded, Rhode Island is in New England - which means we might as well live in Canada - which means that this time of year, although we pay for our own health care, we should expect it to be a little cold. It is these crucial, cruel few weeks in the transition from winter to spring that makes us the bitter, mean, puritains that we are here in Providence. Don't fight it - embrace it. Roll the giant stone of winter from the mouth of the cave and emerge into spring proud that you made it through another one.

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Aa said...

What's spring? We're still skiing and eating sugar on snow on the daily.

You've got to know when to walk away.

Tell you winter is a lot more fun when it's REAL winter. You know, when whiskey flows from the kitchen tap and there's that snow stuff outside.