Monday, September 17, 2007

OK. Here it is. My new cross bike is out of the barn. Brian at Circle A Cycles finished it last week and I finally found the time to build it up last night. This morning, after stopping by to show off the finished build to Brian, I road it up to Chase Farm and did a few laps of the old Wednesday Night course. This gave me a chance to play with the fit a bit and break in the upholstery. I had planned to only be out for a couple of hours, but this bike felt so good, I kept going so that I finally rolled in 4 hours later, so stoked.

The season is just getting going. For the next three months, cross racers and fans are getting some every weekend somewhere. Check the schedule and plan to get out there at least once this year. Make a roadtrip out of it. Go check out the leaves, whatever. You will not be disappointed.

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Brendan said...

Nice ride Jack. Seriously pimped out, hope to see it in person soon. You going to any of the Wrentham Wed. night training races?