Thursday, October 18, 2007

Really Big Bike Rally

Alright. Listen up. If ever you wanted to make your voice heard regarding tax payer support for safe and effective bicycle infrastructure, ride your whip down to the State House next thursday (10/25) at 5:30 for a good, old fashioned rally. Make a sign, paint your face, or just get ready to be counted as one of the many that would like to see your tax dollars used to make our urban streets more bicycle friendly.

The event is the evening segment of a conference sponsored by the Sierra Club of RI on the future of sustainable transportation in our little state. The conference will feature discussions on the future of mass transit, creating more bike-friendly streets, and neighborhood walkability.

Following the evening rally at the State House, we will ride to Local 121 on Washington Street for more discussion and a film. (Major props to State Rep and Local 121 owner Josh Miller for hosting the event)

Hope to see you there!

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