Friday, October 26, 2007

We can get there from here

The "Getting There..." conference seems to have been a success. It wound down yesterday with a rally at the State House where 30 or so cyclists and transit activists showed up to make some noise about better alternatives to the ol' ball and chain. You know what I'm talking about: the coffins with cup holders that pollute our air and make us bomb oil rich nations into submission.
Now lets follow up. Word is that five letters on a particular issue to a State Rep or Senator is usually enough to get onto their radar screens. Lets shoot for 10.

For your state representative contact information, go here.

For your state senate contact information, go here.

Keep it simple. Let them know that bikes are good transportation and should get more consideration in future plans for our urban transportation network. Let them know that an adult on a bicycle equals one less car on our astronomically expensive highways and public road network. Let them know that you're a voter (you do vote don't you?).


Jack said...

Here is My Letter:

Dear Senator Pichardo -

Sorry I missed you at the "Getting There-the Future of Sustainable
Transportation in RI" Sponsored by the Sierra Club and Apeiron Institute.
It was an interesting discussion on planning for our future mobility.
Here's the link:

I use a bicycle primarily for everyday commuting, but I also use a car and
the bus occasionally. As your constituent, I value a balanced
transportation system in which money is spent to support transit and
bicycles as well as automobiles. I am a small business owner, homeowner,
tax payer and voter. Please consider sustainable transportation issues a
priority on your agenda.


Jack Madden
52 Chapin Avenue
Providence, RI 02909
401 383 9934

caro said...

Dear Senator Jabour,

I recently attended the evening session of the event "Getting There-the Future of Sustainable Transportation in RI" Sponsored by the Sierra Club and Apeiron Institute. The event was an important step toward planning a more sustainable and equitable transportation system for Rhode Island.

I own a car, but I consider not needing one to be a primary benefit of living in a city. Moreover, I consider car independence to be absolutely vital for a healthy city. I use my bicycle for the majority of my transportation—for socializing, for errands, for going to work. The ability to do the majority of my daily travel by bike is essential to my health, my wellbeing, and my moral values. However, I find that biking is not an accessible choice in Providence for everyone. In many parts of the city, it is downright dangerous.

I would like to see kids and families able to get around the city without cars. It should be easy and safe to bike to the grocery stores, across town, and to open spaces outside town. For this reason, I ask that you make it a priority to increase and improve bicycle commuter routes and signs. We desperately need bike lanes on larger and faster streets and we need more bike racks for locking.

We also need better signs and clearer information about using the bus system. Signs with route information at bus stops other than Kennedy Plaza would make bussing more accessible to visitors, newcomers, and occasional users.

Independence from vehicles is necessary for fuel independence, for surviving oil scarcity, for reducing air pollution, and for fostering viable urban community. Please improve our alternative transportation infrastructure.


Caroline Roszell
125 Tobey St
Providence, RI, 02909